Lisa Thompson
MPP Huron - Bruce

Liberals Should Hit the Pause Button in Light of New Neonics Study
January 12, 2016

Elmwood- At Grey Bruce Farmers' Week on January 12th, MPP for Huron-Bruce Lisa Thompson pledged that she will continue to push Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray to rethink the Liberal ban on neonicotinoids in light of new evidence published last week by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

The PMRA authors noted, "These studies have generally been conducted under laboratory situations or in the field with bees exposed to Imidacloprid at doses higher than may normally be encountered in the environment". 

"With these new findings, the Liberal government cannot possibly justify their position on neonicotinoids," said Thompson. "Doing so will only continue to negatively impact one of the largest industries in this province".

A related value assessment of neonicotinoid use on corn and soybeans found a $74 to $83 million benefit to the corn industry and a benefit of $37 to $51 million for soybeans. Although these are national values, much of it is centered in Ontario. 

Recent findings by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the safety of Imidacloprid have also aligned with the study conducted by Health Canada.

Thompson stresses, "Any policy must be formulated on scientific data. Unfortunately, the Liberal government chose to plough ahead without having all the facts, but now they have an opportunity to respect what has been said all along and hit the pause button on their neonicotinoid ban".

Comments on the first phase of the study will be accepted for 60 days after January 18th and the PMRA intends to publish a final document on the evaluation of Imidacloprid, targeted for a December 2016 release date.

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